We are a technology center specialized in innovation and i4.0 business development.


Technology Transfer

Development of strategies for intellectual protection and technological and knowledge marketing, focused on the execution of four-helix projects, aimed at the competitiveness of strategic economic sectors and the creative industry.

Business Intelligence

Services in innovation and business development i4.0 by managing information to increase customer satisfaction, increase marketing effectiveness, reduce the cost of attracting customers, ultimately, empower sales to internal innovation processes for the design and creation of new products or business models.


We provide innovation, engineering design, digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, validation / certification and manufacturing automation tests, through open innovation methodologies, seeking to generate new products, processes, services of high commercial value and high social impact.

Why choose us?

We are a group of specialized companies

We have highly trained personnel and infrastructure and specialized equipment for the development of new products and proof of concept of prototypes for technical-commercial validation in order to create and promote companies and technology-based projects.

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Business Intelligence
Technology transfer
New products development

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We are a network of technological partners for the promotion of digital manufacturing, additive manufacturing, embedded systems, data acquisition hardware, knowledge bases, analytics and data exploitation, intellectual property and applied technology research.

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