Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence

Innovation Services

i4.0 Business development  by managing information to increase customer satisfaction, increase marketing effectiveness, reduce the cost of attracting customers, in short, empower sales to internal processes of innovation for design and creation of new products or business models.


Technological surveillance

Tool to detect technological innovation opportunities and new ideas that facilitate an improvement of processes, products and services in the organization.

Strategic surveillance, as a tool for managing innovation, is the integral, ethical and legal process of "generation and treatment of ideas applicable to the development of new products, services or processes, or to the improvement of existing ones". It involves all areas of the organization's value chain and stages of the surveillance cycle, from "monitoring the environment (searching, collecting and analyzing the information we consider relevant to our organization) to the exploitation of information (distributing and using the information in a way that allows us to make decisions).



Competitive intelligence

Obtaining, analyzing, interpreting and disseminating information of strategic value on the industry and consumers that is transmitted to those responsible for making decisions at the right time.

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